Monday, December 19, 2011

{the sweet beginnings}

hello every one! thanks for reading my blog :) i'm new at this whole blogging thing, but since i'm about to enter an exciting chapter in my life, i thought it would be nice to document it some place i would always have it. this winter, i have the unique and special opportunity to study abroad in Vienna, Austria! i wanted to give you a little bit of a background on how this all came to be. i've always had the desire to travel and i love to indulge in different cultures. i went to paris, france last summer and i loved every minute of it! it was then i made the decision i would sometime soon venture to a new country to enrich my life and academics through a study abroad program. as i began searching for programs and places to attend, i was drawn to the byu-jerusalem center. i readily completed my application for the winter 2012 session, and then all i could do is wait. i was anxiously checking our mailbox every day, each time pleading with the brass mailbox door to be holding something promising. (namely my acceptance letter!) finally, the blessed day came! i was at work when it arrived, so i hurried to get all my tasks done and headed home. it was the longest drive of my life! i peeled into the driveway and burst through my front door. my mom was waiting for me in the entry way and we snuck into her room to open it together. the anticipation and excitement was racing out my fingertips and i hurriedly tore through the envelope. as i read through the letter, my hopes dropped. i didn't get accepted into the program, and they were not able to accommodate me on the waiting list. i cried for about an hour, wondering what i had done wrong. (it must of been that time of the month, because crying over something like that for an hour is a little out of control dramatic.) after a few hours of wallowing in self-pity and countless pep-talks from family and friends, i reached the conclusion that i was, for some unexplainable reason, supposed to stay in america for the winter season. luckily, i have a mother who helps me live my dreams and is very persistent in doing so. she continued to research different programs and stumbled across a fine arts study in vienna. with hesitation, i filled out the application, somewhat doubtful that i would be accepted. a few weeks after submission, an interview was set up with the program director and the next thing i knew, i was going to vienna! i couldn't be happier with how things worked out, and i know vienna is where i'm supposed to be going. i cordially invite you to join me as i embark on this adventure to share these beautiful experiences!
enjoy :) 

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  1. 1st to comment! I finally decided to somewhat update mine. ha ha. If you still need help with your blog let me know! looks like you know what your doing! So jealous your going to Vienna!