Wednesday, January 11, 2012

{just seven days now}

wow.  just one week until my adventure begins! i've been waiting for this checkpoint to approach, it was my planned moment for reality, stress, anxiety, and excitement to officially set in. as i sit here pondering what to expect i draw a blank because, quite frankly, i have no idea what it's going to be like! concerns bubble to the top of my thoughts, "what will my host family be like? will i have enough room in my suitcase to pack all of my things, let alone enough space in my new home to hold my belongings? what if my beloved dog yelps her last bark while i'm gone? what if my luggage is lost on my flight? what if, what if, what if!" and then thrill courses through my contemplation causing all anxiety to swirl to the back of my mind to be locked away in a safe place, to hopefully not resurface for a time.

in other news! this day was also important because it was the day i decided to commence the packing process and... eureka! mission accomplished. the suggested  packing list given to us in our handbook *key word suggested* recommended we bring the following:

~3-5 pairs of pants [doable]
~6-8 shirts [inconceivable]
~ 1-2 skirts [laughable]
~ 1 nice dress [plausible]
~1 one-piece swimsuit [un-ownable]
~ pajamas [attainable]
~ jacket [accessible]
~ toiletries [undeniable]
~1-2 pairs shoes [1-2?? unthinkable!]
~ comfortable dress shoes [reasonable]

so... how do you think i faired on packing my life away for three months? i'd say i did a pretty good job! (right mom and dad?) now, i may have slightly exceeded the limits simply because i'm not going to live in europe for three months wearing the same 6-8 shirts! sorry, not this girl. 

well, in one week this documentation will be more than the endless thoughts developed in the constant preparation of a study abroad student and finally transform into an exciting dose of cultural indulgence!   until then, in the words of the von trapp children, "so long, farewell."


  1. Grace, I think you're funny. It doesn't matter what Becca says ;)

  2. thanks cami! you're the only one who truly cares!