Sunday, March 25, 2012

{c'est la vie}

Hello everyone! Remember that one time I used to be really great at keeping you up to date? Yeah me either. Life has become reality again and between homework, site-seeing, and hanging out with friends, blogging has been pretty low on my priority list. Also, as some of youvmay know, my lap top was stolen from me a couple of weeks ago by a man named Boris. So I haven't had a computer to use regularly, although my gracious friends have been so kind to let me borrow theirs from time to time.losing my lap top has been hard just because all my pictures are completely gone now, but I've realized my memories hold a much higher importance because they are filled with emotions, smells, laughter, beauty, and many other things pictures can never capture. Anyway, today I am off to the enchanting land of Italy to explore Venice, Milan, and Florence. A 12 hour night train will take ua to our destination this evening, and our trip back to Vienna makes a quick pit stop in Salzburg so I can become a part of the Von trapp family singers! I will try to keep you posted on my doings via my iPod, but I'd not I'll tell you all about it upon my return! Lots of love from Austria, and soon to be Italy! Xoxo

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