Sunday, February 26, 2012

{days thirty two-thirty eight}

alright people, i've been terrible at blogging this week, so i'm just going to do a week blog post and give a little recap. so lucky for you! less words, more pictures. :)

alexa being a lion.

alexa being a lion again, and looking like a who.

me and hermann hundertwasser.

a random church we found on the way to institute that night! we learned swing dancing at FHE... it was awkward but SUPER fun! luckily i had the best partner in the house. then me and alexa helped our friend julia get ready for the rio ball! she looked gorj :) (as in gorgeous) 

we climbed to the top of the karlskirche! it was sweet.

view to the bottom!

me, paige, teancum and zach went to klosterneuburg
we walked around the monastery and went to the essl museum. it was a lot of fun, and super pretty there!
*photos courtesy of the ever so wonderful zach!


view of klosterneuburg

the top and bottom rows are stories from the old testament and the middle is the new testament. they all center around the crucifixion of Christ. it was incredible.

another attempt at modeling.
this career choice isn't looking so bright for me.


thursday we went to the imperial tomb for art class. it was really cool, but by the end we were all a little worn down. paige's picture explains how we were all feeling pretty well.
homework followed this glorious occasion, and then we went to the ballet! it was amazing, i got chills multiple times from the inspiring dancers.
so good. after the ballet, we went and got gelato from zanoni & zanoni with some friends from church. then we sat on front of a church and ate it! i got nutella and strawberry gelato.
best gelato EVER.

everyone, meet oliver. he loves himself a little too much... but its okay because so do we!

well, as you can see we went to a disco! i had some serious reservations about this whole shindig, but it ended up being a lot of fun! not to mention i discovered i'm a dang good dancer.

this week should be known as the week of SUNSHINE!! it was gorgeous weather all week, and saturday we couldn't resist having a picnic on the danube island!

ice crackling down the river
(you have to listen really carefully... it was kind of windy!)

me and alexa were actually on time, but i think everyone had planned on getting there late because we usually are. so we had about 45 minutes of down time to take awesome pictures of ourselves and enjoy the sunshine!

sundays are the best days. not only do we get to go to church, but eva makes dinner for us! (i just had a rush of deja vu come over me, so sorry if i've blogged about this before.) she didn't just stop at dinner though... 

see that little spoon? that's what eva likes to call "the spoon of promise." when that spoons out, we always know there's something else coming our way! today, it was chocolate pudding with bananas a chocolate chip cookie and whip cream!!
be jel.

me, eva, and helgs enjoying our delish austrian delight!
i have the best host family ever, don't hate.
well, i'm off to paris this week, so i'll have a lot to blog about when i get back!
lots of love from austria


  1. Grace, I just love your blog. I want to see more of it. I know you have plenty of adventures. I have some great pictures of you if you need them... :) But seriously, your blog just makes me happy.

  2. Aw shucks, thanks Zachary. :) I just updated about Salzburg and Italy, feel free to take a gander. Also, I'm awaiting your infamous blogposts if you know what I mean. So get with it!