Monday, January 30, 2012

{day twelve}

well, today may go down in history as the first day i didn't take a single picture in vienna! am i becoming less touristy? noooooooo!
it's back to the old grind of classes yet again! but you know what, i don't mind too much because my classes are basically living in vienna.
basically if you had to describe vienna in three words, those could easily be them. 
the only problem with classes is mustering up the desire and motivation to do homework when vienna is out the door and just a walk away!
my art class is probably my favorite! my professor dr. o is so great! she's from american, but she came here, fell in love with her ski instructor and has been here ever since! she has great insights and is the typical frazzled, disorganized artist. i love it! we learned a lot of cool things about the history of vienna and how it's been discovered from certain pieces of artwork. i was fascinated the whole class, and for two hours that's saying something! after classes me&paige came back to my house and did some homework. i had to write in a journal for my heart class and i felt like i was in a movie. i was sitting at my desk with the windows open, plants relishing the windowsills, looking out onto a quaint street lined with vintage brick buildings. so conducive to creative thought processes and great journal writing! we had f.h.e. and a dinner at the institute building tonight. bad news: me and paige were waiting at the bus stop for my bus and i realized i didn't have my wallet! i asked paige if she'd pay for my dinner and i'd pay her back tomorrow. half way through out bus ride i realized not only was my money in my wallet, but my transportation pass! i felt sick to my stomach. i was still able to travel from place to place since things are on an honor system here, but if i would have been caught without one it would have cost me about 110 dollars in fines! luckily prayers are answered and i was kept safe the rest of the night. anyway, i finally got to become more acquainted with some viennese people who are my age and share my beliefs! it was refreshing. i met this really nice guy name Daco (i doubt that how you spell it, but when he told me his name he said, "think taco!" so i'm spelling it Daco.) he is probably one of the nicest people i've ever met. after mingling a bit and a great lesson on having an abundant life, it was time to go home. me paige and keily walked out with one of the guys that was there. he was walking in front of us but to the side so it was kind of awkward. so i was like "hey! i didn't get a chance to meet you! i'm grace." he told me his name was oliver and we talked the rest of the way to the u-bahn station! he was so nice and friendly! but extremely sassy. he asked what station we were getting off at and i said karlsplatz. he asked if we lived there and keily was like yeah, we lived underground. and i said yeah, i live in a cardboard box. and guess what he said to me? "yeah, you look like you do." hahahahaha! maybe i should start showering every day....

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