Thursday, January 19, 2012


saying goodbye was definitely the hardest thing about this trip. saying bye to my friends, my parents, my brothers and sisters, and especially trixi. i also wasn't able to bring my pillow pet carl with me, which makes me sad because we are best friends and he's really cuddly. 

the hardest goodbye was my mom. she dropped me off at the airport and there was a rush of emotions going through my mind and it was all suddenly so real that i was leaving for three months and wouldn't be able to talk to my mom in person when i was having a hard time, tease my dad when i needed a good laugh, or spend time with my siblings when i needed to feel loved. but it's ok! because i'll see them again soon:) i just need to focus on what i'm doing and where i'm going, and worry about being homesick when i get back. when i got to my gate, i sat down and was soon asked by a young man wearing a suit and tie if the seat next to me was taken. i told him no and as he sat down and it dawned on me, he's a missionary! we chatted for a bit and i found out he's heading over to scotland/ireland to serve his mission. there's about 10 other missionaries on my flight, so i know we'll be safe:)

well, as i've been sitting here in the airport, i've been thinking about the things i'm going to miss while i'm gone. (probably not the best thoughts, but oh well!) 

ten things i will miss about home
**in no particular order**

1. my mom

2. my dog trixi!

3. eric, cami, justin, becca, jack, and katie. (yes, jack is the boy in the plaid shirt)

4. my dad and teasing him all the time

5. the ravishing rexburgers 

6. seeing this everyday... 
{although i'm sure i will be dazzled by some exquisite european alps!}

7. these little beauts 

8. TRIXI!!!! 
{yes, again}

9. this attractive group of young foxes.
{my best friends}

10. stacey tuckett: partner in crime and wiggy washes.

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