Thursday, February 2, 2012

{day fifteen}

the time has come. vienna has reached the occasion of rare cold, and i can't handle being outside for more than two minutes. so i spent all day inside doing homework! the pain, the agony! ok, just kidding it really wasn't that bad. and i also had a baguette to help me get through it all. after class this morning, i came straight home and did homework until about three because me and paige had planned on attending the ballet tonight at the volksoper! we were really excited and had some down time, so we explored a little bit. after the tour of the opera house, we were told our ticket gave us free admission to the opera museum. it was a pretty cool museum but i'm glad it was free!

the one thing we found of consequence was margot fonteyn's pointe shoe!!

this was fonteyn's costume from swan lake as odette.
i want to wear it sooo bad!

a really cool mosaic! my computer won't let me rotate it, sorry!

after the museum, we went over to the grim bakery, which is the oldest bakery in vienna! it was sooooooooooooooooo good! i got a cinnamon roll type thing but instead of cinnamon it was apricot jam. so. good.
after the grim paige and i wanted to go to the annakirche. we got there and snuck through the screeching door, but once we made it inside we realized they were having mass! oops! so we stood awkwardly in the back for a second, and then got out of there as soon as we could! it was really cool to see them worship though. i wish i could have stayed! well, it was still cold so we decided we wanted to be inside somewhere warm for the next 30 minutes until the ballet. (mind you, i was wearing a skirt and tights on my lower half and tights are basically nothing in this sort of weather!) so we decided to go here!

any guesses?
yep, that's right. burger king!
"you know you're in europe when... the burger king is nicer than your house."
-paige bartholomew 
after hanging out in here for a little bit, it was off the the ballet! now, we had researched a little bit before hand on what this ballet, le concours, was all about! it had said it was an experimental ballet that had talking parts and modern dancing. we decided to give it a shot anyway. we bought standing room tickets for 2€ (awesome!) but when the show started there were tons of open seats so we got to move down and sit which was nice but still wasn't enough to prepare us for what was coming next. the ballet was TERRIBLE! basically, it was a murder mystery and the detective was going through flashbacks trying to figure out who did it. all the sudden some magician shows up and "calls some random man up from the audience" and does a magic trick. there was an annoying girl in it who was supposed to be an american but talked so annoying i could barely stand it! then there was just all this weird modern music and dancing in tutu's which don't mix. it just looks awkward! after about and hour we figured ok, we'll just leave at intermission! but intermission never came! and now i know why, because everyone would have left! but on the bright side, i only paid two euros, sat in comfy seats, took a lovely nap, made a memory, and shared some good laughs.

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