Friday, February 10, 2012

{day twenty three}

wow, what a day! 
german was pretty rough today, but luckily i had the best yogurt in the world to help things a long.
so... can we just take a minute to talk about how much i love this yogurt?

not only has it coined the name of my favorite german catchphrase, (ja, natürlich) but it also tastes so delicious! it's like the perfect amount of creamy and thickness and fruit flavor blended all together and put in this little container. my favorite flavors are the blueberry and the vanilla. the blueberry actually has real blueberries in it!
anyway, sorry all my blog posts have some sort of rant about food. i just can't help it!
after i barely made it through german, we faced the cold and journeyed to the kunsthistoriches museum for art class. this time we were learning about the paintings on the second floor, and i couldn't wait! i had browsed through some of the paintings already, but as i've said before, it's always better when dr. o is there! we started off in the section with albrecht dürer's art.

this painting of dürer's was particularly fascinating because one of the characters resembled almost exactly the one, the only bob hope! rumor has it that when good ol' bobsie saw this, his first question was "how much do you want for it?" and then "that's me in that painting!" so did dürer have some sort of unknown premonition? i guess we'll never know.
(not to mention bob hope was in an i love lucky episode, which makes him at least 87 times cooler)

alright, i have to admit i'm really upset with how this picture turned out, in an amusing way! this painting was so cool, his eyes were so life-like! but paige pointed out that he looks like he has laser beam eyes.
*sigh* maybe next time.

i love this painting! i thought this little girl was the cutest thing alive. then dr. o told us of her awful fate, and my heart broke, just a little.

this is young margareten, and when she was born she was engaged to her uncle. (yuck!) they had these paintings created every three years until she was nine, so her uncle could see how his new niece bride was growing up. when she was 15 years old, she was sent to live with him. at the young age of 21, she died giving birth to one of her children. oh so sad :(

i really LOVE this painting! 
i really LOVE the ocean!
i really LOVE that this painting uses things from the ocean to create a person.

well, after the museum we went to the billa and bought some sandwiches for lunch. natürlich, i got my favorite sandwich: ciabatta bread with tomatoes, mozarella, and lettuce. SO good! and an orange. then we went back to the institute to eat them. t'was a good time! after lunch, me and paige decided to go to a free organ concert at the peterskirche. not only was the church and organ incredible, but the music was flawless! the organist played 4 of bach's organ pieces and it was beautiful. i could listen to it all day!

here's a little taste if you feel so inclined :)

 after the recital (amazing) we were going to go to the old musical instrument museum before tonights plans! we got a little sidetracked, and ended up instead at the museum of cultural history! it was really awesome, and quite refreshing after a day at the kunsthistorisches. we came across all sorts of little goodies from all different cultures from places life africa and asia.
wow, i just started craving chips and salsa really bad.

this is me being a totem pole!

mom, look! i found a bunch of random trolls in one of the exhibits! it reminded me of you and how you used to do my hair like this as a child because i looked like a troll! 
love you.

um, FREAKY right? yeah so get this: i'm trying to take a picture with the trolls (because pictures are always more interesting when humans are in them) and paige's face gets this look of absolute terror and i turn around and this guys staring me right in the face! i screamed a little and ran away. but then i got my picture with him because, who could resist?

me&paige being all cool and imitating jungle faces!

demon squirrel/chipmunk headband that i want really bad.

a cool door

the museum was fun, but we had to leave around 4 so we only finished the first floor! luckily it's free with our handy-dandy museum pass so i'll definitely be going back to finish it. we came back to my house and spruced up a bit for the opera tonight! i was excited for the opera, but a little nervous because i was going to be standing the whole time and i'd never been to an opera so i didn't really know what to expect! 

favorite thing about this picture: jarom creeping in the background.


me&alexa being all posh at the opera house

the whole "posh" idea didn't last too long....

and it soon turned into a "who can make the ugliest face contest!" 
who do you think wins?

staatsoper 2012 at the opera house just minutes before the show started!
we went and saw Charles Gounod's opera "Faust."  basically it's about this man who sells his soul to the devil to be youthful. it was incredible. the singing was phenomenal, i can't get over how talented these people were! i loved the opera, but i think i would have loved it more if i'd had a seat rather than standing room. but that's just my lazy american side coming out and i'm really glad i had the opportunity to go! 
(oh, and i also discovered i have the hidden talent of falling asleep while standing. america's got talent, here i come!)

hey stace, does this look familiar? yep, that's us in 60+ years. i'm glad to see that we are still best friends, staying classy by attending the opera, but still ourselves by wearing matching outfits.

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