Friday, February 3, 2012

{day sixteen}

it's friday, friday! huzzah! the weekend :) 
fridays are really great because that means free waffle night with lots of nutella and friends. but tonight there was a wedding reception so waffles were cancelled. but don't fret, i found something to do that involved nutella and friends, and was just as good if not better!
today all started out with my german class.

i don't know how i feel about it yet. i'm sure if i was actually learning something i'd feel great! but i'm determined to make the most of it and start practicing with the people here as much as possible! because what better place to learn german than vienna? after german i got to go to the kunsthistoriches museum again, but this time for my art class!

this sarcophagus tells the story of the greek god persephone. persephone's mom is demeter, the goddess of harvest. she was abducted by hades and taken to the underworld. now, when you go down to the underworld you aren't allowed to eat anything because it you do, you're stuck there forever. but persephone was just too hungry to control herself so she hate 6 whole pomegranate seeds! demeter was very angry with hades and wasn't doing her job to control the weather so everything was dying. finally, the gods were able to strike a deal with hades that involved the pomegranate seeds persephone had eaten. persephone was allowed to leave the underworld for six months, but the next six months she had to go back to the underworld. when persephone leaves, demeter is cold and sad, but when she comes back she is warm and happy! and that's how we got our seasons.
so i guess persephone is down there now! 

this statue is the youth of magdelansberg. it has a really cool story behind it so i wanted a picture with it! but i got a little embarrassed because of his nudity!
the story: he was created  back in 150 BC and given as a gift to the celts. they loved it so much they but wings, a helmet, and shield on him and put him in their temple to represent the saint of war. the city was destroyed, but this statue was found, hardly ruined, in the rubble of the city's remains. for years, he was on display at the kunsthistorishes until about 15 years ago when they took him down so a girl could do her dissertation on roman sculpture, and to clean him a little bit. during this process, they found flaw within his structure that the roman's never did in their sculpting. so naturally, they cut him open to see what was going on! and do you know what they found? a playing card from the 16th century! so this youth of magdelansberg is a fake. they think this is because at the time, the emperor and arch bishop both wanted the statue so the arch bishop had a copy made to give to the emperor and that's the one we had today!
crazy, huh?

much better:)
 after the greek and roman period of art, we explored the kunsthistorishes a little further. then we visited the clock museum they have here! they have clocks dating all the way back to the 1800's and even earlier.

this clock reminded me of my dog trixi!

look ma, there i am in the clock!

i was wearing my pocket watch, so i guess you could say i fit right in.
p.s. i want all of these so bad.
here's a christmas idea for you guys mom and dad!

"fly like an eagle..."

hahaha this is even better than taking pictures on your mac

cool medieval clock.

probably the oldest clock in the world!
and me.


window of floating clocks!
the museum was really fun, and listening to all the different clocks ticking was really cool! we were going to finish the night off exploring some local churches, but it was just too cold and there was no way we were going to be outside a minute longer. so me and paige came back to my house and waited for aly to finish her piano lesson and come over. because guess what we were going to do to substitute waffle night???? 
we were going to wait for aly to get here before we went to the store, but they usually close at 7! so luckily i remembered that at 6:45 and the billa is like 2 minutes away so we literally ran over there and bought the goods. once aly got here we watched tangled and ate cookies and nutella and bread all the night long.

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