Monday, February 6, 2012

{days eighteen and nineteen}

well, nothing too exciting happened today. we had a special church meeting for all the young adults today at the institute center and it was great. although it was all in german, you could really feel the spirit and love of the gospel that is here in vienna. after the meeting they made dinner for us and it was so good, and so american. we had burritos! so actually i guess that would be mexican. after dinner we tried to go to a museum where shubert was burried, but it was closed! eva was making us dinner tonight so i decided to just come home. she made THE BEST dinner in the world! she is so sweet and i love talking to her and getting to know her better.

sorry these two days are so lame! i don't even have any pictures to post. monday was pretty bland as well, which is really disappointing seeing as i'm in vienna! but it's freezing and homework was beckoning me. can you believe i have to do homework in vienna?? just kidding. but really. 
anyway, basically i just had class and all that jazz today. after classes i came home and attempted some homework, but we all know how that goes! we had FHE tonight and it was really great! gabriela taught the lesson on grace (not me grace, the other grace) and it was quite touching. then we played this game called in-sync (not the teen sensation) where one person sits in the middle and two people stand on the sides. someone holds up a word behind the person sitting down and the two people standing up have to try to explain it to them by creating a sentence but they can only say one word at a time, alternating! i hope that made sense, because it was a lot of fun! especially with the few language barriers that came a long in the process! it was a good time. and then, it was time to go.
and the inevitable happened.
it snowed!
yep, that's right. the cold finally decided to give in a little enough for the city to be covered in a glittering blanket of whiteness. usually i'm not the biggest fan of snow, but it was beautiful! luckily, we got home before it was too bad, but helga informed us it would snow all through the night and the next day.
and that it did.

OH and i almost forgot! today i went the whole day without eating even the tiniest bit of chocolate! that's really hard over here because the chocolate is like the best thing ever, and it's also my favorite food. the reason behind this is: (the not eating chocolate thing, not the fact that it's my favorite food!)
ahem. so katherine (one of the girls with us) told us her sister came to study abroad in vienna and she gained TWENTY pounds! so when she came home she walked in the front door with her big winter coat and double chin exclaiming,
the end.

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