Thursday, February 16, 2012

{days twenty eight and twenty nine}

sorry guys, no pictures from these two days, so feel free to skip this post. It's going to a whole lot of writing, and lets be honest: people only ever look at blogs for pictures. i know i do.
quite honestly, i'm a little embarrassed to talk about what i did today because it consists of almost nothing. i had a lot to get done so i stayed inside ALL DAY! i supposed it was a good thing though, because the weather was a bit on the bipolar side and was changing seasons every five minutes. first it was a complete downpour, followed by some sleet, then a blizzard, then sunshine! one extreme weather condition is hard enough to handle, let alone four. so i stayed indoors finishing homework and planning my paris vacation! luckily that is all figured out and i'm all set for the city of love! i skyped my parents at one point in the day and my dad told me i needed to at least shower some time. finally around 6 i decided to get in the shower so i looked somewhat presentable for institute. institute was incredible, of course! i'm so happy we have institute to go to here, it's making all the difference in this experience. 

today we met up with some people from institute to show us around the university of vienna, and also to buy a sweatshirt so people back home think i actually studied there while i was here! it was a lot of one, and one of the most beautiful places i've seen. its the second oldest school in europe, and it looks more like a palace than a school if you ask me!

my schweet schweater 

after we bought out sweatshirts, me, alexa, and paige went over to raphael's house and they made us schnitzel! it was so much fun, and the food was delish. they told us about their christmas traditions and i have to say i'm kind of grateful i don't live in austria around christmas time! 
check this out:

these are the "companion of st. nicholas" who slap or take any children who have been naughty! they wear these handmade wooden masks and goat hair and walk the streets during the parade.
freaky, huh?
i finally got all my homework in for my first music journal. it was quite the frustrating process! first, my file was too big to attach in an email, then i couldn't attach it to our online class, so i was toast! but then my fabulous roomy helped me out and sent it through her computer. thanks kristin, you're a life saver :) me and alexa went over to our friends house, watched 500 days of summer and ate root beer floats. so my bus stop is right in front of the opera house, and tonight happened to be the opera ball! as i was waiting for my bus, i got to see everyone leaving in their big fancy ball gowns, the steps were covered in red carpet, and there were austrian flags swaying in the windows! i guess since i couldn't go to the actual ball, this was the next best thing. 

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