Sunday, February 19, 2012

{day thirty one}

well, since nothing of consequence happened to me today, i would like to celebrate something of consequence that happened on this day 48 years ago:
my dear, sweet mother was born!
happy birthday mom :)
i am so blessed to be your daughter!
here's just a few reasons why.

you're my best friend, and you always will be.
i know i can talk to you about anything and you'll listen, give me a pep talk, loan your shoulder to cry on, crack a joke, hug me, you'll always be on my side, remind me of my potential, tell me how important and loved i am, and you'll always encourage me to follow my dreams.

we could probably be sisters.

you're a little obsessed with ambiance

we have more inside jokes than i can count!
and that means we laugh a lot together.

we travel the world together!

you've given me many opportunities to further my education to become a more refined young lady.
if it wasn't for you, i would not be in vienna right now. thanks mummsie :)

i think it's safe to say that this hand's got the whole world in it

remember this trip? and the blue bayou? and elvis? and ruby's on the pier?
so much fun :)

you've supported me in everything i've ever wanted to do!
(except get dreadlocks, which i'm ok with now)

you took me to paris that one time, and it was incredible! 
also, your french is tres bon.

i think this one is pretty self explanatory.

you are such a good mother to not only me, but 5 other of God's children. you have set the perfect example of the mother i someday want to be. you love all of us so much unconditionally. you have charity. you love the gospel. you love dad! thanks for being the best of the best mom. i love you so much and hope you have a very happy birthday!

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