Saturday, February 11, 2012

{day twenty four}

hallo :)
today has quite possibly been one of my favorite days, although i have no pictures to prove it which seems odd. but i think the reason today was my favorite was because i didn't feel so much like a tourist today, but rather as if i actually live here now! i woke up around 9 and ate breakfast. then i got in the shower and got ready for the day, still not knowing for what exactly i was getting ready for. all i knew was that at some point i HAD to get out of this house. the sun was shining, and it was saturday for crying out loud. i called alexa and we finalized some plans. i hopped on the bus and headed towards my destination: the naschmarkt! they have a flee market there every saturday morning and we decided we wanted to check it out. it was so much fun! it was unlike any flee market i'd ever been to. the tables were full of crazy antiques and piles of jewelry, artwork, linens, clocks, and so on. we spent an hour or so walking up and down the lines of tables, stopping every so often to dawdle over enticing trinkets. 
worst part of the flee market: there was an indian woman selling linens, but she wanted sixty euro for the one i wanted, and would only sell it with another linen that sixty euro also. we talked her down to thirty euro and she agreed, but insisted still on buying the set of linens, thirty euro each. i decided i didn't like the linen that much, even to pay thirty euro so we thanked her and gave it back. and you know what she did? followed us! it was the scariest moment of my life. she was calling after us: friends! bitte! friends! hallo? finally she grabbed alexa's arm and spun her around, shoving the linen in her arms and agreeing to sell it to us for thirty euro. we were clearly over the sale and when she finally understood, she snatched the linens away from us and stormed off!
we made it a point to avoid her table the rest of the day.

we got some really yum-o dried fruit, and even tried a dried pumelo. (it was nasty, i don't recommend it unless you like the taste of fermented pine-sol in your mouth!) we were planning on going to the vienna woods today, but it had become too cold to even bear it. so we decided to go back to my place and plan our paris trip! we made a slight dent in our plans, but there is still so much to organize! it's a little stressful, and i've realized how much i appreciate my mom for planning all of our vacations! it's a lot of work! on the way home we stopped at a shoe store and i finally got some boots to hold me over for the duration of my trip! sing praises. me and alexa did some yoga to get our blood flowing, and it was the best. eva and helga made dinner for us all tonight, and it was SO good! she is seriously the best cook in europe. she made these peas with olive oil and lemon juice on them! sounds gross i'm sure, but they were divine! i wanted to swim in them. ok, maybe that's a little over the top.

yeah, my day may seem a little bland, but i had fun. and a lot of it! and that's all that really matters in life: sharing such moments with those people whose company you most enjoy.

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