Tuesday, February 14, 2012

{days twenty five and twenty six}

hello all! well, let's jump right in to these past few days!
sunday was such a great day. it was full of new friendships and great food. :) church was really great, especially since the hinckley's little girl janie sat with me. she's so cute, i want her! i met a missionary at church who knew a few people that i knew in the weirdest round about ways! i guess it goes to show this world really is small. our friend robert (i met him at insitute) picked us up from church and took us to the institute center to make the best lasagna in the world. IT WAS SO GOOD! his family comes from italy, so it was authentic lasagna and probably the best i've ever eaten in my life. i wish i could make it now, but he went all italian on us and didn't use any measuring cups and would put in what he thought it needed. i am now a firm believer that this is the best way to make any recipe. 

me&robert being all italiano

this is paige&oliver cutting onions and cheese 

seriously, the best lasagna in the world! we were kind of in a hurry so we had to inhale it, but it was still the best tasting thing ever. i probably could have eaten it all day.
 robert was so nice and drove us over to the hinckley's where we were having our weekly devotional. can i just say how much cooler it is to drive the streets of vienna in a car? it was awesome! devotional was a good time, and jane made the most delicious cookies. i probably ate about 47 of them. 

today started out with classes. i've decided 8 in the morning is a terrible time to hold class, but that may just be my personal opinion. (and obviously it is because were going to have classes at 8 every morning for the rest of the semester so...) during our lunch break we listened to some music for one of our classes, and then on our way to that class we stopped at a kebap place for some lunch. it was definitely a much better kebap than the one i had at the naschmarkt! after class i decided to come home and get some homework done. after sitting in my room for a couple of hours, i couldn't take it anymore. cabin fever struck. i HAD to get outside.  i decided the cold and wind didn't matter and i was going running. i bundled myself up (that's an understatement) and faced the cold! it was the best run of my life! very needed and very relaxing. it was so fun to run the streets of vienna at dusk, admiring the building and listening to some of my favorite tunes. the worst part of the run was realizing how out of shape i am! but that will soon be fixed because i'm going running whenever i can! after my run i went to FHE. it was a lot of fun as usual, and i just really love everyone here! one thing i wasn't expecting from this trip was making friends with people from austria, and having done just that is the most pleasant surprise in this whole adventure. 
life is good.

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